Privacy Policy

Verdant Analysis (Invrs) Privacy Policy
Verdant Analysis is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information,
all aspects of your financial analyses, and the financial information entrusted to us.

We follow comprehensive privacy policies and security practices in compliance with laws governing Canada.  
Our strategy is to build your trust by demonstrating integrity in everything we do.
Our Privacy Principles reflect the heart of our Privacy Policy.  In them, you can find how we collect and
use client information, how it may be shared and with whom, our security practices and your choices.

Our Privacy Principals
• Accountability
• What Information We Collect
• How We Use Your Information
• Sharing Your Information
• Keeping Your Information Safe
• Your Consent and Choices

To answer any questions you may have about the information we collect from you when you visit our websites
or when you use our online services see Privacy Policy.
Like many organizations, we use the products and services of other companies.  The privacy policies of our
key suppliers are found at:
• Credit Card Processing
• Amazon Web Services
• Intercom Customer Service tools
• API2PDF for pdf generation services

At Verdant Analysis, we are dedicated to ensuring your confidentiality by protecting the personal, analytical
and financial information entrusted to us.
That commitment is fundamental to the way we do business and is reflected in our Privacy Policy.
Any privacy issue concern or complaint can be address at

What Information We Collect
All of the information we collect is directly from you when you sign-up for our service.
When you request services, we will ask you to provide only the information that enables us to complete your
request, to provide better service, to determine
which aggregate groups are using our software or to offer you services we believe you might be interested in.
• Information About You
• Other Information

Information About You
Different information is required at different levels:
• Information required to open an account - your name and email address as well as information to help us better
serve markets (how you heard about us and your interest in the software).
• Information required to complete a purchase – we currently use FastSpring for our credit card processing.  
They require your name, phone number, address, credit card number, expiration and CSV code.  Much of what they
require is for fraud prevention purposes.  Fast Spring uses industry standard encryption to  protect the
confidentiality of your information.  For more information on their privacy policy, see the URL above.
• Information about your analyses – we do not collect information about nor analyze your analyses.
• Information about your purchases – we may from time to time offer you additional products or services based
on your past purchases, with the view to be of useful service to you.

Other Information
It is our goal to continuously improve our service offerings to you. Therefore, we routinely collect non-personal
aggregate information from surveys, public archives and Web sites to help us understand the interests of our
clients and to manage our risks.

How We Use Your Information
We use your information to:
• Verify your identity each time you log in;
• Provide you with the analytical tools you requested;
• Communicate to you any benefit, feature and other information about products and services you have with us;
• Respond to any special needs or inquiries you may have;
• Manage our risks and operations;
• Offer our products and services to other aggregate groups that might be interested in them.

Additional Uses
• We may communicate with you through various channels including telephone, computer or mail using the contact
information you have provided.
• With your consent, we may use your information to promote our products and services and that of third parties
we select, which we believe you will be interested in.
• If for any reason your information is required to fulfill a different purpose then that of your original intent,
we ask for your consent before we proceed.

Sharing Your Information
Under certain circumstances, your contact information may be shared with third parties.
This would only be done with your consent. We may communicate with you through various channels, including
telephone, computer or mail, using the contact information you have provided. However, if you would prefer
that we not share your information or if you do not wish to receive special offers promoting products and
services, kindly let us know by following the instructions in Your Consent and Choices.
If you choose not to have your information shared, you will not be refused services for that decision.

Our Employees
Access to your information is restricted to authorized employees who have a legitimate business purpose
for accessing it.
Unauthorized access to and/or disclosure of client information by an employee of Invrs is strictly
All employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of client information at all times and failing
to do so will result in appropriate disciplinary measures, which may include dismissal.

Outside Service Suppliers
We may use service providers to perform specialized services on our behalf such as credit card processing,
website and data-base hosting, research, marketing, mail distribution or data processing. Our service
providers may at times be responsible for processing or handling personal information. We only provide
the information necessary to perform the services, or in the case of our credit card processor, they
collect the information necessary to process the transaction.
In addition, we require them to protect the information in a manner that is consistent with our privacy
policies and security practices.
In the event our service provider is located in a foreign jurisdiction they are bound by the laws of
the jurisdiction in which they are located and may disclose personal information in accordance with
those laws.

Other Third Parties
We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential. We will only share your information
with other third parties under the following special circumstances:
• To respond to valid and authorized information requests from domestic and international authorities;
• As permitted or required by law, to comply with laws, regulations, subpoena or court order;
• To help prevent fraud;
• To protect the personal safety of employees, clients or other third parties on our property.

Keeping Your Information Safe
Ensuring your confidentiality by protecting your personal and financial information is fundamental to
the way we do business.
Read more about:
• Privacy Policy

Your Consent and Your Choices
You are always in control of your personal information. If you do not wish to receive promotional
materials from us or other third parties you can send us a message at

Privacy Policy
What information is collected and how is it used?
Verdant Analysis collects information provided by you. We also collect information about your device
through our digital channels, such as device model, unique device number, browser type, and IP address.
Information about your device helps us improve the channel functionality, meet our clients’ needs,
measure the effectiveness of our services, enhance security measures and protect our customers.

Does Verdant Analysis collect information about physical location?

Does Verdant Analysis access other information on your device?

Will Verdant Analysis share the information?
For the purposes stated above or as described within our Privacy Principles, we may share the
information collected with our employees or third parties acting as our service providers or agents,
who are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information.
We may share the information collected with government agencies, public bodies, regulators or
other entities where permitted or required by law.

Does Verdant Analysis use cookies?
We may use cookies to monitor and improve your website experience. These cookies do not contain
personal or financial information.
They gather statistical data such as the average time spent on a specific webpage. This kind of
information provides us with insight on how to improve the design, content and navigation of our
digital channels. Your choice not to accept these cookies will not interfere with your use of
the service or channel.
We may use cookies as part of the functionality and security of a particular service. These cookies
may include an encrypted persistent cookie installed on your device that contains information to
help us verify you as our client and to help block unauthorized attempts to access your information
through the channel. Your choice not to accept these cookies may prevent the operation of the service
or certain features within the service from operating.
Please refer to the documentation for your browser or device regarding how to allow or refuse cookies.

Updating Your Information
If you wish to update your personally identifiable information please contact Invrs at the e-mail
address provided below.

How does Verdant Analysis update our privacy policies?
These Verdant Analysis Privacy policies are to be read together with and form part of the
Verdant Analysis, Inc., website Legal Terms of Use.
We reserve the right to change this privacy policy, and will post any revisions on its website
located at
We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes. Your continued use of
this web site will be subject to the then-current privacy policy.
If you have questions or comments regarding our privacy practices you can contact us at
We will be sure to address your concerns.