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Alpha Launch 2021.09.21

One platform — everything finance creators need.

Create what you want, share and engage with the community, grow your following, and monetize with complete control — all under one roof, individually or in teams.

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A view of the notes section where a user can create, store, and publish long pieces of research they have done on a particular company

INVRS simplifies your current process.

Designed so you can spend as much time as possible focused on doing what you love.

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Start working on the research and analysis that matters to you directly in the app.

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Don't want to go it alone? On INVRS, you can build entire organizations online.

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Stop wasting time on socials. Share your work in a place you know your audience is.

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Interact with investors that love your work to build an engaged community.

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Premium content, advertising share, affiliate revenue, and more. Your brand, your rules.

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You focus on doing what you're passionate about, leave the rest to us.

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