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There are three levels of information.

At the top is the rarest and best information.  It’s not bought and sold and therefore not priced in.  It’s information hidden in plain site, information you discover.

The middle level includes information synthesized by third parties and available for a fee, usually offered as a subscription service to premium research or access to software.  It’s partially priced in, depending on its quality and freshness.

At the bottom of the pyramid is information that is freely available, easy to find and already priced in.

Getting Good Information

INVRS helps you extract that information with its intuitive and powerful investment model building software.  With INVRS you can develop:

  • valuation models
  • quality of earnings models
  • factor-based models
  • growth models
  • momentum models
  • and anything else you can imagine

Working with your own models helps you to find information the market doesn’t have.  INVRS let’s you experiment and fine tune your work.  When you build it yourself you know it’s free of errors and built to your exact specifications.


Furthermore, INVRS offers a suite of other tools to make the process of investment analysis easier.


With its unique portfolio-based analysis architecture, you can analyze a group of stocks as easily as you can analyze one, giving you the powerful insights of peer-based analysis.


Along with the ability to graph price and other statistics, you can create graphs of your custom analyses.


Create notes and evolve them into reports or articles.  You can enhance them with your graphs and charts as well as images and videos.

Want to see INVRS in action?  Request a custom analysis of the North American stock of your choice.  You’ll receive a peer-based analysis using a unique model that you will not find elsewhere.

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